How to Change the IP address of Ontap Select Deploy

After upgrading my home lab infrastructure, I decided to change my IP schema from a 192.168.X.X to a 10.0.X.X

My hope was to avoid potential overlapping IP conflicts, when creating private VPN tunnels between sites; for SnapMirror projects. More on that later….

After successfully changing the IP addresses on my Ontap Select Cluster and the underlying LIFs, I noticed a mailbox error in System Manager, notifying me that I could no longer perform a takeover or giveback.

Remembering that I forgot to change the IP address on my Ontap Select Deploy (Mediator), which is a requirement to manage the HA of your 2-Node Ontap Select Cluster, I could not locate a way to modify the management IP.

After researching, I found out that you cannot just modify the existing Ontap Select Deploy VM, you need to create a Backup of the old Deploy VM and restore from backup to a new Deploy VM.

The Procedures are located in the NetApp Ontap Select Deployment Guide.

  • Backup and Restore Deploy VM must be the same Version.
  • The NEW Deploy VM must be in a blank state, just deploy the OVA and make no modifications.

Deploy Ontap Select OVA with NEW IP schema

How to create a Backup of your Ontap Select Deploy VM

  • Create a backup of the existing Deploy
  • Enter a password to encrypt the backup

  • Retype the NEW password
  • Backup Job Started
  • Check on Backup Job
  • Download Backup URL

How to Restore Ontap Select Backup to a NEW Deployed VM

  • Copy Backup file to NEW Deploy VM using SFTP

  • Restore the Backup in the NEW Deploy VM
    • ~deploy backup restore -filename hdcbackup.tar.gz -path /home/admin
  • Enter the password to decrypt backup file.
  • After the restore is successful, the Deploy VM will Reboot automatically

Reconfigure the Mailbox on Ontap Select Cluster

After deploying a NEW Ontap Select VM, and recovering from a backup, you still need some minor cleanup to bring the HA to a healthy status.

Since the IP address of the NEW Ontap Select Mediator is different, you will need to remove the old reference and add the new iscsi-targets.

  • Login to the Ontap Cluster via CLI and enter Advanced Privilege Mode
    • ~set advanced

  • The iscsi-targets are pointing to the IP address of the OLD Deploy
    • ~storage iscsi-target show
    • Take note of the Target Name, you will need this later

  • Remove the OLD mediator iscsi-targets
    • ~storage iscsi-initiator remove-target -node * -target-type mailbox

  • Add the NEW mediator iscsi-targets and reference the NEW Deploy IP address
  • ~storage iscsi-initiator add-target -node <node1_name> -label mediator       -target-type mailbox -target-portal <ip_address> -target-name <>

  • Determine names of the mediator disks
    • ~disk show -container-type mediator

  • Assign the Mailbox Disks to the two nodes in the Cluster
    • ~disk assign -disk NET-2.1 -owner HPENODE-01
    • ~disk assign -disk NET-2.1 -owner HPENODE-02

  • Verify that storage failover is enable and HA is healthy
    • ~storage failover show

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